Sacramento ESL Program-Fall Classes and a Facebook Page-NEW Flyers Attached!

 Sacramento ESL Program is going to be offering fall classes. The classes will be at Bethany Presbyterian Church on 24th near Fruitridge, Immaculate Conception on First Ave. near Broadway, and Washington Neighborhood Center at 400 16th St. in the Alkali Flat neighborhood  You can check out their page at and "Like" them on their new Facebook page at

Below this article, there are attachments with times and places for the classes, one in Spanish and one in English (anyone want to help me by translating the brochure into Chinese? Let me know!). Click on a link to open it


GoEnglish.Me is by VOA. It's not for everyone; it has lessons for Chinese, Farsi, Indonesian, Russian and Vietnamese. The site is Goenglish.Me; try it if it has your language!

Step Forward: Oxford University Press Site

Oxford University Press has online activities for their texts. Here's the Step Forward site's page.

Jobs: ELLLO Stories

Here are some ELLO conversations that talk about jobs. Don't forget to check the questions and vocabulary explanations on the right hand side of the page.

Bad Jobs

Job Options

Cool Jobs

Jobs (This is and older lesson on the site and works a bit differently. See the link for the transcript above the screen)

Part-time Jobs

Jobs Center Quiz

Looking for a Job

Talking about Traits

College Student Job Options

Becoming a Chef

Translator Job

Publisher's Representative


BBC Grammar Challenge

Grammar Challenge is a weekly grammar "game" that uses English learners to teach grammar points.

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English has lots of activities and interesting things to do related to learning English. is a great site with lots of activities especially for beginners and advanced beginners.


Here are links to get you started on writing your resume:

OWL Resume Workshop

Developing Your Resume PowerPoint

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Monster Resume Tips

Microsoft Office Online- Search for resumes and get additional templates for Microsoft Word


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