My name is Ahide,I was born in Mexico, I am from Guanajuato state, is beautiful and magical state. I want to share a little about my life. Today  exactly,  I come to USA  three months ago, I  am here, because I want to practice English  and learn more, I think tah every day you can learn something new your teachers, school, classmates, etc. When I studied the University in Mexico I didn’t can go other country for learn English very well, because didn’t a lot of money, and my parents tried very hard for I finished my Career of Administration. When I finished my Career, five years ago, I have worked in my country very hard and save money for to come to USA and to go Adult School, that was a difficult decision because I  left very far my job, my parents, my boyfriend, my friends, but all they told me: "Ahide: Is a hard but good sacrifice... go, you can try it", I am gratiful with them, and with the people works in this school like: teachers, they are a good persons, and they help you when you have a questions, Thanks you Teachers! Also I'm gratiful with my sister and all her family, because they support me for coming to this school and this country. I love them soo much!

To be in this school is great experience for me, because I have learned a lot, although I know my English isn't perfect I need more  practice and I must lose the afraid, because sometimes I scared talk it. But, I think in the life we need to be persevering people to get our goals.