My life


It is somewhat difficult for me to write a blog about myself.However, I guess this is where  I should  start so all the teachers and students will know more about me!I am a native Brazilian  with Middle Eastern background.My grandparents moved to Brazil in the late 19th /early 20th century .They raised t large families there .On  my mother's side,  I have 5 aunts and 7 uncles, and on my dad's side 7 aunts and 5 uncles .Funny !So I have a big, big family.

My father was born is Syria in  1905 and came to Brazil at a very young age. My  mother was born in Brazil  1913.They got married in 1939, and my father was already out  of Medicical School. he was  general practitioner ,  he was very devoted to his clients and provided  medical care to the poor .We lived in a huge home, and I remeber havng lines of woman and men, to walking in and be checked by my father...My grand fathers from both sides were very hard workers and very much into giving a good education to the whole .

My parents raised 6 children and we all went ot Collge.All my bortghers are doctors , but myself asnd nmy sister.I am a civil engeneer and my sister is a psychologist!