The most value with me is ...

Hello readers,

My name is Quan Dao, I'm from Vietnam.

When I studied at Vietnam, my teacher said: “You can good at Math, Chemistry, Physical … but if you don't understand what people say, you will become a robot”. That’s why I’m studying English.

The first my teacher is Margo who teaches at P5-Classroom. She is very kind to everyone. She's a good teacher and I'm very fond of her.

And now, my teacher is Casandra who always smiles, friendly and teaches me at M1-Classroom.

I'm very happy to participate in this interesting blog. Let me tell you something about myself!

Picture from Oaklan, CA (Emeryville Marina)

( The picture from Emeryville Marina's park - Oakland, CA )

One of my hobbies is listening instrumental music. Sometimes, I send my favorite's songs to my friends.

I don't know what is the most value with you?... But with me, that is knowledge.

In my free time, I usually go online on Internet or go to library near my home just to find a satisfactory knowledge. I find many interesting thing of the life in each websites and books.

I know I'm a lucky boy. I have a cozy family with the intimate persons, who always take care of me, shelter me, encourage me...And above all, I know that they love me as much as I love them.

  ... and I have a teacher who teaches at M3-Classroom. He is a good man. He  likes to work on computer as me. He knows a lot of IT. We (Students) can't spell s_ccess without "u", thank Bruce.

All the best of luck !