Writing a Cover Letter

Here are some links to help you write a cover letter:

How to Write a Cover Letter (Trinity College)

OWL on cover letters:


California Distance Learning Project (CDLP) Stories & Activities

The California Distance Learning Project has stories with activities, sound, and some video on critical areas of adult life, including work.

A4ESL.ORG Easy Grammar Quizzes

A4ESL.ORG is a website developed by ESL/EFL teachers and has lots of quizzes, puzzles, and activities. Here's a link to their easy grammar quizzes.

Reading Skills for Today's Adults: Marshall Adult Education Center

Marshall Adult Education Center's Reading Skills for Today's Adults has graded reading lessons on life skills topics. There are two levels covering grades 1-8, Level 1 (grades 1-4.5) and Level 2 (grades 5-8). There are printed versions of the readings for teacher use.

Spelling City

Spelling City is a website into whic h you input yoru spelling list and have them matched with a hman voice who reads the words. Review games are also created from the list.

buying a book



                  When I buy a book I usually look for information about the autor,the contents and the books he have written. As for me I like history and fictions books so when




buy a used car

r     when you buy a used car its important  to look  how


  •                     HOW TO BUY A NEW PHONE

    1.for buy a new phone the first thing is know what do you need.     


         2.is important know whitch company can give you the best service for less mone.

         3.you need be sure too what kind the phone you want becose you dont want one phone dont .



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