Librivox: MP3 Books

Librivox is a site that has thousands of books that are public domain (usually old) read by volunteers.

British Council stories

British Council Stories has audio stories and British English, of course!

There are also poems and articles.

Listening: has English conversations and transcripts.


Here are work safety related activities from

Worker Safety

Coalmine Safety

Safety: Marshall Adult Education Readings

Here are safety-related readings from Marshall Adult Education:


Job Interview Videos

Here are videos on job interviewing. They weren't made for English language learneers so you may have to watch them more than once to catch everything they say.

How to Ace a Job Interview (long)

How to Dress for a Job Interview

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Job Interview Tips

Phone Interviews


Jobs: Listening Exercises

Here are some listening exercises about jobs from and : Here are some idiom filled lessons for advanced learners:

  • Job Hunting



M-2 Projects

Swimming Pool Dialogue Crossword

Here are two versions of a crossword to help you learn the vocabulary in the swimming pool safety dialogue. The .htm one is one that you can do on the web; the .rtf you can open up in a word processor like Microsoft Word, print out and do on paper.

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