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I have always thought that friends are important for all human beings.  It doesn't matter if it is a member of your family or someone outside your family, I consider that friends are very important people in your life.  As human beings we like to be surrounded by people, to be loved, to be listened, to share  good and bad things, etc.  Of course, that not all "friends" behave the way we would expect.  Real friends are people that are with you "for better for worse, for richer for poorer, for sickness and in health, to love and to cherish", same as marriage vows and if you see this is true.

Some people are friend of yours when you have a lot of money and when you are broke, no one is near of you to give you a hand; the same when you are sick, no one is able to visit you to greet you and tell you "get well soon".  For my opinion, these are not considered "friends". 

I "created" categories for some kind of "friendship".  The "friends" with whom you go to a discoteque won't be the same or probably won't be the ones in which you will trust a very personal experience.  I call these type of "friends": party friends.  You just go with them to any party just to have some fun and share a good time.

There are other friends that are only with you for some kind of convenience: money, because you are "intelligent" (I don't consider a person intelligent or dumb, I think all we have the capacity to learn but  some people need a little more time than others) and they want your help either at a job or at a school.  I call this type of friendship, convenience friendship or convenience friend.  I don't mean that everybody behave the same way about this, but it happens.  I like to help people and anyone that needs my help, I'll be more than glad to help; specially at ESL classes.

A friend for you should be like a brother or a sister.  A friend is the family that we choose for ourselves and they will always be with you, no matter what.  A friend is a person who will always listen, share, and live wonderful or bad experiences with you.

With these opinions I don't want to offend or being mean to anyone.  This is my very personal point of view based on previous experiences in my life and the categories here are the ones I designated myself.




Weeding and Planting

The seasons are changing. The weather is getting cooler. In California, this is probably the best time to plant. The weather is cool enough so that plants don't dry out so quickly, but warm enough so that they still grow quickly. I worry about whether I will get everything done that I want to before the cold weather starts. A week ago I planted lettuce, carrots, bok choi, and other plants. Saturday I weeded my yard, went and bought some plants at the UC Davis Arboretum plant sale. However, the plants were more expensive than I had hoped they would be so I didn't buy as much as I might


            Thailand is my country. My country has beautiful place.




My name is Inna. I am from Moldova. I live in Florin Road. I come here to live with relatives of my husband. I am not working because i learning English. My son  began to walk at 1 year and 1 month. My husbend and i very are elated. For us, this is very glad event. I like walking with my son.  We , hope  that our son will have new discoveries.





my teacer

 My name Grigori . I walk to Florin Tech Adult School Education. I learning 8 month . I like learning this school.Because in this school Learning to much student. My teacher's name Bruce Moon . He very good men. When I impossible to undertand, He every time help . He long time  works in school.                                                                                                                                                                   

capital Of sacramento

Sacramento have a beautiful Capital.





Yesterday we had a special party for the classmates.

The party start at 10:00 a.m. and everybody brought something to eat, for example; tamales, mole poblano, arroz, jelly, drinks, tostadas, fresh fruit, chicken, water and of course the cake.

Yesterday I felt very happy, because we had a wonderfull party with music and dance.   I enjoyed very much.  We tried to make everybody dance, but a lot of people didn't want to dance, because they felt  shy and some of them didn't know how to dance, but it was o.k.   I got fun!

All the mexican classmates were dancing cumbias, I tried to invite everybody to enjoy the music too, but some of them felt shy.  Even the teacher dance too, everybody enjoyed the party.    

The mexican parties are cheerful and we are very passionate people, we like to enjoy the life, no mather what, if  we are poor or rich don't care, we just enjoy and that's it.

Yesterday Linbert, was dancing very sexy, and Javier sang the traditional mananitas very nice.  I have a lot of hugs, this birthday was special for me and I think for my friends too.       

Next time we're going to bring more different kind of music to dance.  For long time ago I didn't feel like this.  I feel great!  With new energy.

Thanks to  Joyce, Sueden, Mitsuko, Javier, Beatriz, Luz, Limber, Mina, Sandy, Monica, Lilia, Kan, Kou, Bee, Naree, Exar, Bi, Inna, Gregori, Juan, Josefina, Rebeca, Carla, and Maria for your friendship.


Rocio Alarcon B.


















Every body needs learning, but humans also need to be good and steel nerves. To be honest, I have a good talent for learning.  In the moment I am in the  worst situation in my life. it is hurting  my  concentration.

Learning makes life. I love it.

A Different Holiday

There's a holiday celebrated in United States that in most countries of Latin America don't and this is Halloween.  In Panama we now started to celebrate this Holiday because there are a lot of American people that are moving down there after they retired.  The Panamanians that celebrates most this Holiday are people that lived in the US, in affluent's neighboorhoods and in the Canal Zone area in which most of the American people lived, so the influence stayed there.

Looking at the religious part of this Holiday, most of the churches say that this is an "evil celebration".  I'm catholic, and seeing it as a "party" it is fun to go knocking door by door to receive candies and chocolates using a costume.  I wish I can do it when I was younger and now as an adult I think I can go to a Halloween party.  In Panama we do have Halloween's party at discoteques and they give prizes for the best costume: the sexiest one, the ugliest or the scariest one, and usually is money or liquor.


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