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The little boy that i was


    When i was little, things were different.  Everything seemed possible to do and not hard. As i was growing up, i felt the difference between being a child and becoming a teen.  At that time  bothered to my parents a lot, however, they always had patience to me and didn't scream or hit me.  They say that i was really afraid of the dark because i thought that ghosts would come intomy bed and kill me, also thet say that i wanted the light on, so it was bright and not dark, bu they didn't have much money to afford that.

Now it's so funny to lisiiten to what they say because actually i don't remember what happened.







Mi Querido Diario

Hi! today I get up at 6:45am I drop off my kids to school , after I went to my Doctor's appoiment I have my therapy it was very good I feel little better, Doctor said, I look a lot better next appoiment is on monday oct six at  5:00pm  and around 8:45 I went to my ESL class after school Im going home to have a wonderfull lunch after Im going to have some rest  and get reary for go to work .


Hi! I'm from Japan. I would like to introduce the Japanese famous food, Sushi. It is made of rice and row fish. It is really simple food. You can only see a small piece of row fish on the rice. But it is hard to make it by yourself. The Sushi Chefs are like artists. If you want to make Sushi by yourself at home, you can make Sushi Rolls. Sushi Rolls are not the real Sushi, but they are one kind of Sushi. I want to bring Sushi Rolls for next class party.


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Thailand is my country

                  Thailand is my country. Thailand have beautiful ocean.


My country


 My country is Thailand. My family and i were live in a small village. Os right now my family and i live in sacramento. In my country is a beautiful country,weathers,and other. The people are very nice. and I want to go back to visitingmy country and my village.



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Wonderful day

              I had a wonderful day. My friends and I went to a park for my friend's birthday. I saw man friends playing games together.Then we ate and talked about our country. We played soccer and basketball together. After that My wife and I went to the supermarket to buy food and fruit. that day was wonderful day.



My weekend


 This weekend my family and I wil go to Reno Nevada to play on the casino's machines to pass a good time.  Too wil go to my comadre house they wil go to do a party for her daughter-in-low.They wil have mariachi music  and we wil eatting, pozole, salad, fruit and dancing.

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Beautiful Village

about my self

It's about my self.

Hi first of all let me to introduce my self.I'm Sweden Barnette born in a province of phils.I'm 27 years old,married and having 3 kids.I like travel out of the country,i been singpore,thailand,malaysia and dubai part of uae country.And the best country that i like is America.I like here so much because aside to a rich country its a lot of opportunity to do things here.I can go to school free,some people are so nice lots of foriegn people here like me,and beside of that i can learn English more.I have lots of fun to live this place,i enjoyed so much...


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