The girls very like the handsome boys. I think,"if you are handsome you will have many girls very like you and you can have girlfriends more than once." This is my opinion. What do you think?

My Project

I started a knitting project a few weeks ago.  I hope to finish a coat for winter and I chose olive green as the color for my coat.  The thing is that I just learned the basic stitches for the project, so I don't know how to knit sleeves and the neck area, how to increase or reduce or how to bind off so my project can be finished .  The only good thing is that I learn quickly , just need to watch how something is done and I can get it.  It also happens when I want to make a doll... well a rag doll with muslim fabric and I just need to see it and I can make it.  I have made a lot of dolls in this way, but sometimes I am not confident on what I did so I buy the patterns to make sure that I was doing correctly.  Most of the times is right and I spent my money getting patterns and not using them anymore because I have the ideas in my head. 

I wish I can learn to knit just by watching a finished item, but I know it won't be possible because this is something that I really need to learn with someone who knows how to do it.  Probably I'll need to pay for the courses at a craft store, either Jo-Ann or Michaels .

ESLGold Phrases

ESL Gold offers  lists of phrases, with audio to check you pronunciation

Florin Tech Gets Physical with Tai Chi

Florin Tech stretches with tai chi

Following a summer workshop in tai chi, teachers Elsie Yun and Pauline Hui are leading Florin Tech students and teachers in fifteen minutes of tai chi each day. The exercise brings the classes together and gives us a healthy start to each day of class.

Florin Tech Back to School Barbecue


Florin Tech, Cesar Chavez and Pacific classes got together on September 18 for a back to school barbecue. Students and staff enjoyed hot dogs, watermelon, chips, country music, and sunshine together to celebrate the new school year which began September 2. Student council members manned the grills and worked together to make the event a success.

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ELLO and Englishconversations.org

www.elllo.org and www.englishconversations.org are both sites with authentic English conversations that you can listen to and read the scripts to check your comprehension.

Longman's Dictionary of American English

Longman's Dictionary of American English has an online version. It requires free registration, but offers all of the features of the CD that is offered with the dictionary.



www.manythings.org is a fun study site for learners of English as a Second Language: Word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more



Beehive is a national site with localized content that is accessible to beginners and intermediate. The topics address many life skills areas, including school, jobs, finance, health, and housing.

CBBC: Children's BBC

A feature and media-rich site for children, Children's BBC  has many stories of interest to adult readers.

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