I 'm interested in Chinese exercise.

I like Chinese execise, because it is easy to do and can help my health. From now on I want to execise every day. I know that every person has a problem inside their body. If we do not execise, that will cause more problems but if we keep execising that will help everyone in the whole world.

I am Very Proud...

I am very proud of our students. They are doing more and more things on their own. Rocio wrote a blog to tell about the talent show. Today three Chinese students are telling about the exercises we will do next week. Bi Yu translated a Chinese hand exercise PowerPoint and  presented to all of the classes today.

About Florin Education Center

 Hi, I want to tell you a good news about the center. The center is well eqiuped   and the teachers are very nice.

Thanksgiving Festival at Florin Tech School on November 2009


 This is a festival on may 5th. 


Hmong traditional Clothing

There are Hmong traditional clothing.Hmong have many  kinds of clothing

Hmong culture week wear different clothes

They are Hmong wearing a Hmong culture colthes.

Spring Time at Florin Tech

I love spring time. It brings out the best in everyone.

My life


It is somewhat difficult for me to write a blog about myself.However, I guess this is where  I should  start so all the teachers and students will know more about me!I am a native Brazilian  with Middle Eastern background.My grandparents moved to Brazil in the late 19th /early 20th century .They raised t large families there .On  my mother's side,  I have 5 aunts and 7 uncles, and on my dad's side 7 aunts and 5 uncles .Funny !So I have a big, big family.

My father was born is Syria in  1905 and came to Brazil at a very young age. My  mother was born in Brazil  1913.They got married in 1939, and my father was already out  of Medicical School. he was  general practitioner ,  he was very devoted to his clients and provided  medical care to the poor .We lived in a huge home, and I remeber havng lines of woman and men, to walking in and be checked by my father...My grand fathers from both sides were very hard workers and very much into giving a good education to the whole .

My parents raised 6 children and we all went ot Collge.All my bortghers are doctors , but myself asnd nmy sister.I am a civil engeneer and my sister is a psychologist! 




dear teacher you did not appear the classtoday .everystudentcame theclass on time.bethany the tea cher will teaching us today.she is very nice teacher.her agen da is take the dic ta tion first and after that she encourage students volunteerto write the sentense on the boart.when we finished the first part.bethany let uscorrect and complete some sentense.because we have computer program to day.we have no longer time on the class.

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