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Hi My name is Dalan, I am from China, I been to the U.S About two years. Now I chose another name Elena.Before in China I was a student. I studyed computer, This is my production.



save energy and help the earth

Saving energy is important for us because when you turn off lights you aren't using and unplug all the things aren't using,  you save money and help the earth .

Take care of the world



Recycle all kinds of boxes

Save the water

Don't throw away the garbaga in

the ocean and the streets

Don't litter in the park


Shopping Bags

I try to do something good for the envirnment. I always bring my shopping bags to grocery store. Then I keep all small plastic bags of vegetables to pick up my dog's dropps during walking.  And I keep the middle size plastic bags for trash cans. I don't usually throw away plastic bags.

My lovely times the school

There is many thinks that I loved it in my school ... so many times we make abig parties with diffrent kinds of food the student


1.Install a low floww showerhead. These dont cost much, anad the water and energy savings can quickly pay back your investment.

2.Water your lawn in the marning to prevent water loss due to evaporatio.

3.Take shorter showers to reduce water use. This will lowe your and heating dills.



      Save water to help to preservation the world, we can help not made bad use of the water.



 I love my family.


We are five members and a big team enjoying everything.

We play games like monopoly,secuency and bingo. We like to go walking and biking on weekends, watch movies and make snacks. Always together.




Care of the world

Save energy,save money buy in bulk,clean up litter,plant trees,start vegetable gardens, and set specific goals to recycle and save energy.

The earht day

the earth day is save to the planet  please recycling cans water bottle,and save water,plant trees .

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