drive test

  next week I will taking drive test, I very nervous.

My life


              My life

 When I was 1984 came to America My life is big changed

I like my class very much.


     My class is very interesting all studends are very nice and helpful also my

     teacher is good teaching .Every day we have a lot of fun in our class and we

     have alot of activities to studies in class. If who want to join us please

     come to our class M2.

take care of my life

      I will eat more vegetables and exercise more than evrey day.I will take care of my life to hearthly.I want to get a better life in the future.


My life is a job

  I want in my life a better job and i want get a lot money after i want by the house and after that I want go back my country and the future I want a get married . That are my life

My personal life.


Teacher Casandra


       How are you ?

Sorry this is to try my account

My life in the us.

  Hi my name is Hasham syed.I been here for a long time,I been working all this time,I nver had time or chanc to go to school. Finaly I have got time to English.Its been about fuor Month I been atanded at Florin tec and I learn lots,I like to keep cuontinuo come in her to learn more,to can halp my children in school and I can find me a butter job.sincerly Hasham





My name is Ahide,I was born in Mexico, I am from Guanajuato state, is beautiful and magical state. I want to share a little about my life. Today  exactly,  I come to USA  three months ago, I  am here, because I want to practice English  and learn more, I think tah every day you can learn something new your teachers, school, classmates, etc. When I studied the University in Mexico I didn’t can go other country for learn English very well, because didn’t a lot of money, and my parents tried very hard for I finished my Career of Administration. When I finished my Career, five years ago, I have worked in my country very hard and save money for to come to USA and to go Adult School, that was a difficult decision because I  left very far my job, my parents, my boyfriend, my friends, but all they told me: "Ahide: Is a hard but good sacrifice... go, you can try it", I am gratiful with them, and with the people works in this school like: teachers, they are a good persons, and they help you when you have a questions, Thanks you Teachers! Also I'm gratiful with my sister and all her family, because they support me for coming to this school and this country. I love them soo much!

To be in this school is great experience for me, because I have learned a lot, although I know my English isn't perfect I need more  practice and I must lose the afraid, because sometimes I scared talk it. But, I think in the life we need to be persevering people to get our goals.



My car is my love ..

My name is kelly . I like this name . I has a car.  Is a new car . I very like .

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