my name is fatima.i am 20 year old. i am from pakistan.   my faverout color is black and red.

Fitness Challenge!

Go to www.calgovcouncil.org/challenge  to sign up for the Governor's Challenge.

Sacramento Unified School District is competing with other school districts to earn fitness equipment for schools. You need to "get physical" for four weeks, doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity three or more times a week.

 What counts as physical activity in the Governor’s Challenge?To successfully complete the Governor’s Challenge, students must be active 30-60 minutes a day at least 3 days a week for a month in addition to the physical activity they engage in as part of their school’s regularly scheduled physical education classes.  For the purposes of this competition, physical activity is broadly defined and can include any and all forms of physical activity including, but not limited to such things as playing basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, biking, boarding, diving, hiking, surfing, swimming, walking, and wrestling. 


Earth Day and the Environment: Marshall Adult Ed "Reading Skills for Today's Adults"- Group 1 Stories

Here are beginning level stories related to Earth Day and the environment:

Recycling at Home

Keeping Our World Clean


Present Continuous Worksheet #1

Worksheet: Simple Past

Englishconversations.org: Authentic Conversations

 www.englishconversations.org is a site that has conversations and text to go with them.

The most value with me is ...

Hello readers,

My name is Quan Dao, I'm from Vietnam.

When I studied at Vietnam, my teacher said: “You can good at Math, Chemistry, Physical … but if you don't understand what people say, you will become a robot”. That’s why I’m studying English.

The first my teacher is Margo who teaches at P5-Classroom. She is very kind to everyone. She's a good teacher and I'm very fond of her.

And now, my teacher is Casandra who always smiles, friendly and teaches me at M1-Classroom.

I'm very happy to participate in this interesting blog. Let me tell you something about myself!

Picture from Oaklan, CA (Emeryville Marina)

( The picture from Emeryville Marina's park - Oakland, CA )

One of my hobbies is listening instrumental music. Sometimes, I send my favorite's songs to my friends.

I don't know what is the most value with you?... But with me, that is knowledge.

In my free time, I usually go online on Internet or go to library near my home just to find a satisfactory knowledge. I find many interesting thing of the life in each websites and books.

I know I'm a lucky boy. I have a cozy family with the intimate persons, who always take care of me, shelter me, encourage me...And above all, I know that they love me as much as I love them.

  ... and I have a teacher who teaches at M3-Classroom. He is a good man. He  likes to work on computer as me. He knows a lot of IT. We (Students) can't spell s_ccess without "u", thank Bruce.

All the best of luck !

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