Banking: Compare Banks and Credit Unions

Go to bank and credit union sites and compare checking and savings accounts and car and home loans. Here are some bank sites to get you started:

A great site for comparing rates from lots of banks is

When you are done, put what you find in a  Word table.

Banking: Matching Exercise

 Here's a matching exercise on asking a bank employee about information. Click on the attachment. 

Banking and Money: A4ESL

Banking: ESL-Lab

 Here are exercises on money and banking:

Bank Services

Telephone Services Banking

Spending Money

Student Credit Cards


English Club

English Club is a commercial site for English learners, but there are some good resources there.

English Exam Practice Site- is a site that offers practice for many different kinds of English exams.

Phrasal Verbs:

Here's a site with some phrasal verb quizzes.

Phonetic Alphabet:

Here's a site for learning the phonetic alphabet symbols that you may find in books.

Study Zone

Study Zone is a Canadian university site that provides grammar, vocabulary, listening, and other activities for English learners.

Grammar: ESLBlues

ESLBlues has readings and exercises organized by types of grammar. It includes diagnostic quizzes to help you determine what to concentrate on.

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